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Body and writing workshop
Getting in touch with the body and senses to improve writing a workshop from the 2020 Collaboratorium
GAMWS Showcase Fall 2019
Open mics for GAMWS students music projects!
Collaboratorium 2020
Art and writing, a workshop offered during the 2020 Collaboratorium 
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Writing Studies

Writing Studies is a field built on interdisciplinary research that focuses on how literacy functions, how technologies and media shape communications, how creativity, identities, and knowledge are managed, and how writing offers access to the infrastructures of social and political power. 

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Writing Minor

A minor in writing explicitly engages students in the writing process and fosters their development as writers in academic and pre-professional contexts.

Writing courses train students in academic discourse and provide them with extensive opportunities for professional development within and across the disciplines. Emphasizing writing as a process, writing minor courses offer challenging curricula that develop students' abilities to research, synthesize, and innovate.

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